This  a complete collection of all the costumes and cosplays I’ve done!

Regency era apron (2016)

This is a floor length regency era apron, inspired by Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. I made it in about 3 hours. Later on I’ll make a better version. This is only a prototype!

hand made regency era apron front

Indigo Montoya (2015)

The princess Bride

I bought all the pieces for this from the op shop! The shoes I had already and the sword is a knife sharpener from the kitchen drawer!

inigo montoya cosplay

Batgirl (2015)

Batgirl The New 52

This cosplay was for a masquerade themed camp. I sewed the belt and mum sewed the cape and logo onto a jacket from the op shop.

hand made batgirl cosplay

Shado (2015)

Green Arrow The New 52

This costume was fun to make! It took a Really long time! Mum sewed the wrap skirt. I ‘fixed’ a skivvy shirt from the op shop to look right. Dad and I made the bow and arrows out of bamboo garden stakes.

shado cosplay 

Wednesday Adams (2016)

The Addams Family TV Show 

This cosplay is one of my favourites so far! For it, I sewed dad’s old collars onto my black dress and put on some stockings and boots. Done in one hour! 🙂

Vinicius (March 2016)

2016 Olympics mascot

This is the first costume I’ve sewn entirely by myself! Pretty happy with it 🙂