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Book Haul from Tuesday 

On Tuesday I went to Melbourne City and bought some books, so this is a book haul post. Here we go:

This girls copy of Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay. Secondhand from City Basement Books. Filled with the prettiest pink pictures and the creepiest story.

Penguin Short Stories copy of Selected Short Stories by H.G. Wells, including The Time Machine. 21 stories in total. Second hand from City Basement Books.

How The Marquis Got His Coat Back by Neil Gaiman the author of Coraline. First hand from Readings At The Sate Library Victoria. I read this short story on public transport on the way home and finished it just as we got to our station. It’s a fanciful and extremely well written story, a perfect mix of beauty and creepiness. And it turns out this is a sort of tie in to a series Gaiman’s written, called Neverwhere.

Complete Poetical Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Second hand from City Basement Books. It’s a hard cover book with illustrations inside. The cover is embossed with Stratherne Presbyterian Girls Grammar School’s logo.

Walking the City of Literature. This is a map of Melbourne City, that notes all the bookshops and libraries. The inside is very aesthetically pleasing with maps and illustrations drawn in blue and black ink.

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