Point of View

‘Slowly I walked through the sand towards the sea.

I could hear the seagulls advancing on family dinners, and knew they would be well fed. They were good actors, the seagulls. Every evening portraying sweet, hungry beggars. In this way they feasted like kings.

I was neither a beggar nor a king, and as I stood watching the waves hammer the shore I could feel how small I was. Just a seagull in the wind.’


‘We sat on the sand eating fish and chips.

Soon the seagulls came flocking to our meal. Their footprints marking the shore as they broke their long journey. They looked so sweet, tired and hungry.

Surely no one else would feed them, these poor creatures.

Chips sailed through the air, from our hands to their mouths. Hungry no more, they looked at us with shiny grateful eyes.

In that moment, as we lay on the beach, watching the seagulls we were the biggest people in the world.’



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