Mind’s Eye

There’s a calming icy blue
Racing through the night
Never stopping
More momentum
Slicing through the atmosphere

And the crystal red of blood
Flooding through your veins
Ever coursing
Always flowing
Slowly running down your leg

A yellow electrifies
The bumble bee stripes
Hear the humming
Abstract music
Continuous vibration

A silver moon glittering
Drawing back the fog
How ominous
See it dazzling
Harmonising with the stars

Watch the oily black puddle
Conflicting beauty
Constant warring
Swirling colour
It’s battling the darkness

The magnificent colours
The brilliant shades
Peaceful humming
Yet still fighting
Movements so peculiar

The beauty of creation
A technicolor dream
And it’s racing
Still it’s coursing
A romantic subconscious


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