Here is something you should know about trees.

They live remarkably long lives. The average tree lives for around 60 to 75 years. They say, the oldest tree alive today is over 5000 years old.

Every year, each tree remembers a special day.

It’s the day they first pushed their tiny faces up from the earth, into the light. The day they opened their little arms, and began to stretch, drinking up the atmosphere. This is the day every tree grows one more ring around it’s middle.

Ring Day.

Different trees celebrate Ring Day in different ways. The Great Oak tree who’s Ring Day falls during a spring shower, might throw you down some acorns to play with. A pretty bonsai tree, might curve his body into strange shapes to charm the other trees.

Sometimes, many trees live together and celebrate the same Ring Day. On that day once a year a song can be heard echoing through their ranks.

The Final Ring Day.

The end of a trees life, when it eventually comes is a happy day. Trees celebrate the biggest Ring Day of their life, and contentedly wait for the end.

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