Fandom Style!


This is a post from a while ago that I forgot to post! so here it is!

As fans, wearing and putting together costumes is really fun! It’s exciting to see our favorite characters come to life through a bit of sewing or shopping!

Sometimes though we don’t want to go out in full on cosplay. So instead we wear fandom merch, disneybound and hide references everywhere! This post goes into some of the ways we wear our fandoms everyday.

We wear their clothes:

It could be The Doctor’s Converse, the Ring of Power or Bat Girl’s jacket. Sometimes  various parts of cosplays we’ve done.

We disneybound:

Disneybounding is brilliant! It was created by Leslie Kay.(her website is here)

The idea is to dress up in a character’s colour scheme.

We wear references:

References are fun! Wearing pins and hair clips and other things is a really interesting way to reference your fandom. There’s lots of shops online and at markets that sell fandom references. Some that I’ve come across are: Golden Snitch earrings, Gallifreyan necklaces, Ruby Redfort hair slides, Grape Soda pins and tonnes more! There’s a lot of cool things on Etsy, especially.

We wear Merch:

There’s so much awesome official fandom merch out there! Brands love to make it which is good because we love to wear it!

What it all comes down to is what reminds us of our favourite characters, books and movies! ‘Fandomising’ our wardrobe is just as fun as making cosplay!


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