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Making the Vinicius onesie: Part 2

 This post is about how I finished making my Olympic Mascot onesie! This turned out really well so I’m excited to write about it. (Part one is here

Once I finished sewing the basic onesie, I needed to add the finishing touches. Here’s what my list of things to do looked like:

  1. make it fitted 
  2. make the hood (with ears and fins)
  3. sew in the tail
  4. put ribbing on the arms and legs

I also wanted to add a logo to the front, but I didn’t have time or materials to do that.

Making the Ears, Fins and Tail

To make the ears I drew out some pattern pieces.

The first parts to be cut out were the orange patches. I sewed them onto the yellow polar fleece, then pinned the yellow pieces together. I placed the pattern pieces on the fabric as an outline for where to sew. When both the ears where sewn and ready I turned them right way round. 

The fins were made in a similar way. I drew out a pattern piece, and copied it three times. I folded the fabric and pinned all three pattern pieces on as a sewing outline. Here’s what it looked like: 

vinicius ear fin For the tail I cut out a meter long rectangle and sewed it together, with a rounded end.

Everything was stuffed as I went along by Talitha. 🙂

Making it Fitted

I was way out of my depth here. Mum told me what to do with what bits and I sewed where she told me! 

The first thing we needed to do was raise the crotch. At the same time the legs were made less baggy. We also made the arms less baggy, and ended up raising the armpits a little. 

Lastly, I unpicked some of the stitching at the back, and sewed the tail in the hole.

Making the Hood

The first thing to do was find a pattern in Mum’s collection that had a hood. (This one worked: M6614) I chose the hood that would fit best. (It was D in that pattern) Next I had to make it compatible to the onesie. I measured out the length it needed to be and added the right amount to the front edges. I cut out new pattern pieces that had the extra length added on.

To work out where the ears and fins needed to be sewn in, I put the pattern pieces up to a friend’s head and marked out where they should, roughly, go. Once I knew the general spot, I drew on the exact locations and chopped up the pattern along that line. I made new pattern pieces that included seam allowance then pinned them to the fabric. When all the parts were cut out, I sandwiched in the ears and fins. They were sort of hard to sew but eventually they were in. At this point I had two hood pieces so, sandwiching in the last fin, I sewed them together. Mum showed me how to sew the hood onto the neck. I’m really happy with it!

Finishing it

To finish up I needed to add ribbing to make armbands and leg bands. I just used the pattern bits from the onesie. A lot of threads were then cut off and I sprayed water on the blue pen to wash it off.

Here’s what it looks like now!  

finished vinicius onesie!  


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