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Making the Vinicius Onesie: Part 1

First of all here is the fabric (polar fleece) for Vinicius: fabric for vinicius onesie 

The first step to making my Vinicius costume was buying a onesie pattern. (I used Mcalls M6251)
I traced over the pieces I needed and cut them out. 

Once that was done, my friend helped by holding the pattern pieces up to me, and marking the places where the colour would change, on the arms and legs. Then we ruled the exact lines onto the pieces to make sure that when it was sewed it would all match up.

When we were satisfied with that, we chopped the pattern up, according to the lines we had drawn.

 We pinned the pattern to tracing paper and, using a lot of maths to add seam allowance, finally cut out the pattern I would use on the fabric.

The next day I pinned all the pieces onto the fabric and cut them out. (I made a mistake here, because I forgot to flip the pattern to cut out double of each piece!)

I decided to do the arms first because they would be the hardest to sew. vinicius onesie arms  

vinicius onesie arms sewn Once the three bits were pinned together, I drew the zig zag pattern on with a pen and sewed along the lines drawn. I chopped the excess fabric off the front and back, to reduce bulk and make the zig zag visible. 

For the curvy lines on the lower part of the arm I used the same process. 

When all four arm pieces were finished it was time to do the legs. This was fairly easy compared to the arms. The legs were pinned and sewn together in the same way.

After that I neatened up all the pieces and double checked that they were all the right size still!

Here’s what they look like: arms and legs of vinicius onesie 

That was the ‘editing’ done, so it was time to follow the pattern. 

I followed the whole thing but I didn’t put the ribbing on. 

Now it looks like this:  

So that’s part one. In the end it’s going to be more fitted, and I still have to make a hood and tail.

Once I’m done the next bit I’ll have another post up!

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