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Olympics Costume!

PYV West Camp is coming up in a couple of weeks! The theme is ‘Olympics’. That means I need to make an olympics costume.

At first I was kind of at a loss of what to do, ‘Olympics’ didn’t really start my much creative juices right away.

However, last night Mum and I were wondering what to do, and I thought to look up the 2016 olympics Mascot. So we did AND:

He is Fabulous! His name is Vinicius.

vinicius costume  vinicius flying
vinicius tall

Isn’t he cute!
Today I did what I like to call a ‘costume study’. I printed out a whole lot of pictures and cut out all the different colours. Then I found textas that matched the colour as best as possible and wrote down what parts of him were what.  I looked at all the details!

vinicius costume study My plan is to make a onesie of him. Not super baggy but not  super tight either.

Here are some features I want to include:

  • Hood
  • Maybe a bendable tail
  • Maybe fingerless gloves
  • I might add an Olympic accessory or something if I have time

So there are my ideas! I have to get this done in two and a half weeks so there will be more to come really soon!

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