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Current Projects!

At the moment I have a three fun, costume related projects going! Here they are:

Captain America  T-shirt handmade captain america t shirtThis project I started, after I watched The Winter Soldier and Captain America: the First Avenger!

I bought a few plain coloured T-shirts from Kmart, a few months ago for this very purpose! I’m using the blue one for Cap’s shield.

The logo is made out of felt. All I need to do to finish it is sew it together, then sew it on to the T-shirt

Flower fairy skirt

This project is my first really ‘dressy’ one.

For it, I’m Following Angela Clayton’s tutorial. I’m hoping I’ll get better at this style of skirt! After I finish this, I’ll most likely make another, better one as my skills improve.

Here are some of the flowers I’m using:

I also ordered these on Ebay yesterday:


Hopefully I have enough!

I’m also trying to do it with one layer of dance silk instead of two layers of chiffon.

1940’s girl’s Dress

This is the one that my last post was about. For fabric I raided mum’s stash and box of things to sell. Here’s what I got:

fabric for 1940's girls dress

My progress on this is kind of at a pause since i need to work on my dressmaking skills and possibly purchase a dressmakers dummy. More details on that soon though!
So, those are what I’m working on at the moment!

what do you think? Any suggestions for projects? Tell me in the comments!

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